New Akord Security presented during the event held at the "Mihai Viteazul" Application School for Officers of the Romanian Gendarmerie, the newest and most innovative protection equipment, latest generation non-lethal weapons.

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BSDA Event

Tasers, non-lethal suspect restraints and rapid response systems for fires in hard-to-reach areas such as mountainous areas. These are just a few of the innovations presented by New Akord Security and tested by the 24IT team during their visit to BSDA 2022, the largest military exhibition in Eastern Europe.

The tech innovations have transformed the way security officers, police or military forces intervene. This makes interventions safer for both law enforcement and the suspects being pursued.

The arsenal of innovations starts with tactical gloves. Stun Glove I.O are made of tough materials (Kevlar and carbon fibre shells) and have a built-in 20,000-volt electrocution system at low amperage. Also included is a device that immobilizes remotely tracked suspects. This is the Bola Wrap which is a tactical device that launches a rope with anchors in the ends.