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New Akord Security provides innovative tactical and non-lethal equipment.

*Specific equipments for the structures of the
Ministry of Internal Affairs


Equipment installation

Burglary alarm systems

Installing a burglary alarm system is one of the most important decisions for ensuring the security of your property, assets, valuables and personal protection.

Fire alarm systems

The danger of fire is omnipresent and the material damage caused by fire is direct and long-term. Therefore, the most important aspect to consider is that of protecting life.

Access control systems and time recording

Access control systems can be used both to prevent unauthorised access to certain premises and to keep track of who is or is not authorised to enter certain rooms.

Surveillance and video recording systems

Installing a anti-theft alarm system is one of the most important decisions to ensure the security of your objectives, assets, valuables and people.

Video intercom / intercom

In line with new living standards and a realistic assessment of the risk posed by your property, you can choose to control access to your property with one of these complementary anti-theft detection and warning systems.

Gate automation, car barriers

Barrier access control for car traffic is designed for access to private areas and roads, residential car parks of company or institutional headquarters. Individual remote controls, access cards or tags, mobile phone, tablet or laptop can be used to access the automation systems.


We believe in high standards of ethics, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business and we are committed to establishing long-term and sustainable working relationships with each of our clients in a spirit of openness and honesty.

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