Electroshock device with two cartridges TX200P

Electroshock device with two cartridges TX200P

The TX200P is designed to stop violent and illegal activities of individuals while having no lethal effect on the suspect. Ideal to be used for patrolling streets and traffic stops,hospitals, courts, prisons etc.

The TX200P is designed with an immediately available backup shot in case of missed first shot or multiple targets and two lasers to enhance shooting accuracy.

Compared to red laser light, green laser light is much brighter in daylight.

Equipped with LED light, which greatly improves users’ vision at night.

BWC Activation (optional):

When the safety switch is turned on, the camera worn on the nearby body will be activated in recording mode.

Data function:

Designed with data recording and downloading functions.

ARC Switch

The spring switch is designed under the trigger, and a police officer can use different fingers to quickly control the spring switch and trigger

The TX200P is designed with record and download functions.

Shock data is accessible via the HUSHA APP, including date, time, duration and so on, providing evidence to demonstrate whether the device is being used reasonably.