Byrna TCR

Byrna TCR

The Byrna TCR (Tactical Compact Rifle) design works as a versatile and reliable launcher with a charger for law enforcement, home defense, and recreational use. Designed to provide a compact, military and realistic look, easy to customize/upgrade via the four standard picatinny rails. The high-performance TCR also includes folding front and rear rear telescopes, a vertical front handle and a high-performance 279 mm pipe | 11″. The new TCR comes complete with 7- and 12-cartridge chargers and a padded carbine carrying case.

Byrna TCR uses a disposable CO2 cylinder of 12 grams, which can be easily replaced.


Launcher Model Number: MISSION 4

Size: 513mm x 60mm | 20.2″ x 2.36″

Loaded weight: 2kg | 4.5lbs

Colors: Combination of black and orange

Power supply: 12 g CO2 cylinder

Loader capacity: 7 projectiles + 12 projectiles

Caliber: Cal. 68

Projectile speed: 87 – 100m/s | 285 – 330fps

Strength at the speed at the mouth of the pipe: 11 – 16 Joules

Action: Semiautomatic

Shooting distance: 0-20m | 0-66ft

Operating temperature: -10oC – 55oC | -14oF – 130oF

HTS code:9304.00.4000


Country of origin: United States of America