Byrna SD

Byrna SD

The kit includes a BYRNA SD launcher, available in black, orange, tan, pink, yellow or gray versions. Two chargers, made of nylon filled with glass, with a load capacity of five projectiles each and two CO2 cylinders of 8 grams are included. Byrna SD kits are sold in variants: Byrna SD Max Kit, Byrna SD Pepper Kit or Byrna SD Kinetic Kit. A CO2 cylinder of 8 grams can pull a minimum of 15 projectiles.

– The BYRNA SD Kinetic kit has a 5ct tube of Byrna Eco-Kinetic projectiles and 2x 5ct tube of Byrna Kinetic projectiles.

– The BYRNA SD Pepper kit has a 5ct tube of Eco-Kinetic projectiles, a 5ct tube of Kinetic projectiles and a 5ct tube of Byrna Pepper projectiles.

– The BYRNA SD Max kit has a 5 cm3 tube of Eco-Kinetic projectiles, a 5 cm3 tube of Kinetic projectiles and a 5 cm3 tube of Byrna Max projectiles.


Model Number Launcher: SD68300

Charger capacity: 5 cartridges

Size: 185mm x 143mm | 7.28″ x 5.62″

Propulsion: One (1) 8-gram Byrna CO2 cylinder

Casing material: Nylon filled with glass, handle made of overformed rubber

Perforation mechanism: Pierces the CO2 cylinder and pulls the first projectile at the first pull of the trigger

Component materials: Aluminum and stainless steel

Temperature range: -18oC to 49oC | 0oF to 120oF

Caliber: Cal. 68

Picatinny Accessories: Laser indicator, light, camera

Projectile speed: 220 – 300 fps

Safety lever: Ambidextrous

Force at pipe mouth speed: 13 Joules


Colors: Black, Orange, Orange, Tan, Pink, Yellow and Tungsten (gray)