Byrna Mission 4

Byrna Mission 4

The Byrna Mission 4 is a semi-automatic RIFLE of type AR-15 and does not use batteries or electronic components. The durable magnesium container incorporates the pneumatic bolt system into the high-performance line. The M-LOK case comes standard with 4 picatinny rails, integrated sling holders, folding front and rear viewfinders and an adjustable vertical handle. The two-position external safety lever engages the safe or firing mode. Black and orange chargers each charge 18 projectiles. The loader coupling keeps the chargers together.

The use of a disposable CO2 cylinder of 88 grams allows the unit to be prepared. There is no need to worry about leaking or recharging high-pressure air tanks. The On/Off sliding valve allows the user to disconnect the gas source.


Launcher Model Number: MISSION 4

Size: 816mm x 20.6mm | 32.1″ x 8.1″

Loaded Weight: 2.6 – 2.7kg | 5.8 – 6.1lbs

Colors: Combination of black and orange

Power supply: 88 g CO2 cylinder

Charger capacity: 18 projectiles

Caliber: Cal. 68

Projectile speed: 87 – 100m/s | 285 – 330fps

Strength at the speed at the mouth of the pipe: 11 – 16 Joules

Action: Semiautomatic

Shooting distance: 0-20m | 0-66ft

Operating temperature: -34oC – 46oC | -30oF – 150oF

HTS code: 9304.00.4000



The Mission 4 Bundle includes the following:

– Mission 4 launcher (with CO2 adapter + stock CO2)

– Byrna rifle bag

– 2 19 rd coupled chargers

– Kit of small accessories (o-additional rings, allen wrench, lubricant)

– 2x double packet of 88g CO2 cartridges (4 cartridges in total)

– 2 x 95ct by Byrna Kinetic