BolaWrap® 150

BolaWrap® 150

The BolaWrap® 150 Remote Restraint Device has proven to be a valuable and effective tool in helping law enforcement agencies around the world safely detain individuals without injury or the use of higher levels of force. The BolaWrap 150 is a handheld remote restraint device that discharges a 2.5-meter Kevlar bola-type rope at a speed of approximately 150 m/s to restrain a subject at a distance of 10 to 25 meters.


Material: PC/ABS

Weight: Under 0.29 kg with cassette and battery pack

Capacity: 3000 mAh

Power component: Zirconium potassium perchlorate (ZPP) propellant

Effective range: 3-8 metres

Recharge time: 2-6 seconds